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Satellite P200. Install second hard drive?

My satellite p200 has only a 60gb hard drive, so I purchased a 500gb replacement. But now I'm wondering how difficult it would be to install the new drive as a secondary internal drive.

The manual says you can do this on "certain models" but is otherwise quite sketchy on this. There seems to be a secondary drive bay.

Can anyone please confirm that I do have a secondary bay for a hard drive, and how difficult would this be? I'm assuming I would need a new caddy/cradle for the new drive. How difficult would it be to obtain that part?

Any soldering, access to the motherboard required? I read somewhere about a different Toshiba model saying soldering, etc. would be required.

Any info on my model appreciated.

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Re: Satellite P200. Install second hard drive?

In this picture you can see both drive bays open.  The one on the left with a drive in it is the main drive bay, and the one with no drive in it to the right is where the second drive would go. 

Open the second drive bay and look and see if it has the connector installed in it, if it does, you can install another drive.  You may need to order a mounting bracket for the drive.  Try (call them and explain what you need)



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Re: Satellite P200. Install second hard drive?

I have the same model (in the UK known as Equium) and am looking for the same answer. The motherboard has the SATA pinout connections, bios shows two drive bays but there is no SATA connector. It would I think be an easy solder job if only I could find the right connector?

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Re: Satellite P200. Install second hard drive?

Installing a second hard drive is easy and non-technical.  I use Toshiba drives for compatibility, but most any SATA 2.5" drive will work. My 205-9349 had a Toshiba drive and a Mitsubushi drive.  I wanted more space, so I purchased two 500 gig Toshiba drives.  The key issue here is to back up your system before you attempt this project.  Back up to a USB drive, CD, or some other media that can hold your data.  Since you already have one drive installed, it must be the C (boot) drive.  Just plug in the second drive which will become drive D. and button up your system.

Now go to My Computer and select Manage, Disk Drives, and you will see your drives listed with their partitions. Your D (new) drive will be blank.  You will have to partition as an extended partition and format it.  Then you are done and the drive is ready to use.  I hope I didn't leave anything out, but if I did I'm sure someone will correct me. If you follow these instructions though, you won't screw anything up.  Just be sure you partition drive D and not C.

Your DVD drive will become E.  The way the drives are listed are Drive 0 (C drive), Drive 1 (D Drive) Drive 2 (DVD).

If you backed up and did screw around with your C drive, you are ok.  If not, you will need to restore your system using the disk that came with your computer and then restore from your back up.  Be sure to visit Toshiba for any updates.  Hope this helps.  My next project is to put in two 1TB drives when they become available.