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Satellite L675D-overheating

My laptop keeps overheating and shutting down. Last night it wasn't even used for two hours and it overheated and shut down.


Bought it in November 2010 as a Christmas present.  In April 2011 started having this issue.  Sent it to Toshiba tech support to be fixed.  Got it back in May 2011 and now it's doing the same thing again.  Obviously whatever they did didn't fix the issue.  What can be done?

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Re: Satellite L675D-overheating

Do you actually sit the computer on your lap on a regular basis(or any surface other than a hard flat surface)?  Is the laptop used in a clean environment, free from dust?  I have to service my mother's dell laptop at least once a year to clean the dust bunnies out of the fan and heat sink cooling fans.  She insists on using her notebook on her lap, which pulls in lint from her close, clogging the cooling system.  Most of the laptops I pick up online(which are Toshiba's) also need cleaning.  I believe this is part of the reason that a lot of manufacturers stopped calling them Laptops, and started calling them notebooks.  Laptop makes you think it's ok to set it directly in your lap.


I usually suggest performing preventive maintenance on a laptop at least once a year, to avoid these issues.  Cleaning dust and lint from the fan and heat sink fins, and applying fresh thermal compound to the processor.  I also suggest using a high quality thermal compound, like Artic Silver.

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Re: Satellite L675D-overheating

As dust accumulates inside the notebook, it will get hot faster. For that reason, you want to maximize airflow in and around the notebook as well as minimize dust in the notebook. Using it on a hard surface such as a desk is recommended. Many people use cooling pads or prop up their notebooks if doing very intensive work. You should use it where there isn't a lot of dust; for example, don't use it in a dusty field! You also don't want to block the vents with anything.

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