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Network controller

Hey, my roommate just reinstalled windows on his Toshiba Satellite 1400 Systm Unit. Model Number PS140c-03d07P. The network controller says there are no drivers installed, and I can't find where to go to get them. I couldn't find that model in the Product Support list. Tried to install his wireless network card but no dice. Computer sees it but no connection. Also tried connecting with LAN, but nothing. We have use of a flash drive, so I just need to find the right driver for it.
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Re: Network controller

Toshiba says there are two satellite model 1400's   one is s151 and the other is s152.

Find out which one you have, go to  Chose U.S service and support and click on laptop computers.

Then, on the new page choose downloads.

Choose a category, family and model. Then click Go.

It will take you to the drivers pages.

Pick the one you think you need, make sure it's for the Operating system you are using. You did not say in your

post what OS your roommate installed. 

If the computer is not online, use another computer, download the driver and put it on a flash drive. Copy it over

to the problem computer and run the install. See if this fixes your problem.


Good luck

The Mott


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Re: Network controller

Windows XP. And how to figure out if it's s151 or s152?

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Re: Network controller

I have two here for repairs.  Look on the back. Hopefully there will be a silver label from Toshiba.

Directly under the name TOSHIBA, there wil be a model number. 

I have a 5205-s503 and an A75-s229


See what you have. That should get you started down the driver download path.

Keep us posted.



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Re: Network controller

Satellite 1400 D07 



It's a Canadian machine. Go to the Canadian download site and look up the Satellite 1400 with Part Number PS140C-03D07P.


That computer did not come with a wireless card. So you won't find any driver for that.