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How to Dissasemble a L505 s5990, for cleaning fans

I am from a Central America Country, my cousin sent me this L505 s5990 for XMas ... so I am not able to get the Free Support, cuz the Warranty support is already terminated, at June 2010, and now is September 30.


My Fans doesnt works ... and few days ago werer runing

I already upgraded the Bios, so i dont believe, that's the problem.


I dont know how to control the Fan Speed, so I am not able to know if it is a software problem.


I am trying to dissasemble the laptop, but i have problem trying to get out the covers.


Someone from the Toshiba Support Team, has something to say about it? or maybe the members of the forum...


there are two screws, that i dont know how to lift out.


i take them all out... but in the center appears like to be attached with screws or another type of attachments.


someone can clarified my self?



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Re: How to Dissasemble a L505 s5990, for cleaning fans

This should help

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