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Connect a Toshiba satellite C660/C660D to a TV

Hi does any one know if I would be able to connect my Toshiba satellite C660/C660D to my Alba hd ready TV? What cables would I need if I can do it? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Re: Connect a Toshiba satellite C660/C660D to a TV

I'm not familiar with that brand, but a quick search indicates that it's probably a UK TV. Assuming the notebook is also, I won't have any information on your model (although I'd need the full model number to confirm). However, in general the answer depends on what ports both the TV and notebook have.


If both have HDMI, that's the best way. If the notebook doesn't have HDMI but the TV does have a VGA or PC port, you could use a VGA cable to connect to the TV. That won't carry audio, so you'll need to connect an audio cable as well. If the computer doesn't have HDMI and the TV doesn't have a VGA port, there most likely won't be an easy way to do it.

- Peter