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CD/DVD drive problems

I have a satellite U305 and lately my CD/DVD drive doesn't read any cd but it works with DVD. Same problem if I try to burn CD (it doesn't work, the yellow light out the drive and hard disk blue light on the laptop gets permanently on) but it's ok to burn DVD, even if it takes long to start reading a new dvd. How to solve it? I tried to find a new firmware for the drive but it seems not to exist (my drive is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-U10N ATA device and its firmware is TS05). Anyone can help??
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Re: CD/DVD drive problems

Any fix on your dvd problem --- I have a Satellite L35 with a Mat**bleep**a drive, but with very similar behavior



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Re: CD/DVD drive problems

I recommend searching in the Troubleshooting section for similar threads.  The consensus for this type of symptom seems to usually be that the system will need to be repaired, probably due to a partial failure of the optical drive.




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Re: CD/DVD drive problems

I was cruising through the forums hoping to find some help with my problem.  But I saw your posting about troubles with the CD drive that didn't repeat on your DVD drive. You didn't mention what type of disc's you are using.  What brand, what style of disc. The problem could be as simple as just cheap disc's that your drive can't read.  It could be needing a good cleaning, not the disc but your lens.  If you want to clean your lens, buy a good one. Don't purchase some cheap one at the corner drug store.  Has the problem just started, or has it never worked for you and this was the first time you tried it.  If it just started, what was the last thing that the drive was able to do.  Did you jar the machine while it was burning, did your kid brother mess with it. It's a good thing to have a kid brother, no matter how old you are.  You can blame everything on them.  Ah man!  Another moonless night, my brother always mess's things up.


First off I would recommend trying a good cleaning. Then move on to trying higher quallity disc's.See if you can borrow a good quality disc from someone. Don't go out and purchase a stack of disc just to find out that's not the problem. Try puttting a music CD in the drive then run a diagnostic program on it.  Search Google, I'm sure you can find something out there.  By the way, does the drive play music disc's with any problems.  If it plays music, then the problem could be just the software, it might not be reading the drive properly itself. Knew somebody that actually had that exact problem.  Had problems troubleshooting it because no one would have guessed that it would play music but not be able to read when a blank disc was inserted.


If all else fails, take it to a friendly neighborhood Ma & Pa PC Builder.  Sometimes they will troubleshoot a problem and not charge too much.  Plus, if it needs a new drive, most shops will only charge for the drive if they did charge for the trobleshooting.  Unless your comfortable doing the repair yourself, then just look on-line for a good price foor a good drive and throw the puppy in there yourself.


I hope you have the problem fixed already, if not I hope something here helps out.


Good luck !