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Adding RAM to L305-S5955

Can I add Kingston 2GB PC2-6400 800 MHz DDR2 Notebook Memory Module Part # KTT800D2/2G to my L305-S5955 that currently has 2GB System Memory (RAM)? A reviewer of this laptop said he added a 1GB stick of PC6400 DDR2 Ram. The Toshiba website only lists 2GB for this model.

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Re: Adding RAM to L305-S5955

You can add either a 1 gig or a 2 gig in that system.  What you need to consider is what Operating System you are running.  If you have Vista 64bit then you can take advantage of the entire 4gig of memory that adding 2 more gigs of ram to your existing 2gigs.  If you have Vista 32bit then you'll only be able to use 3gig of ram total so adding a 2gig stick to your existing 2gig won't actually give you 4gigs of usable memory.  It will still run with the 4gigs but it will only use about 3 - 3.5gig of the 4.  




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