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change default settings for eco mode or change eco button



I have an a-665 model. I found very handy the eco button for changing between energy configurations, but the "eco mode" doesn't fit exactly my needs.


I was wondering if I could change the eco mode energy configuration (without getting the warning; I can change te configuration but the eco button doesn't activate the new configuration, just display a message asking if I'd like to return to the original configuration) or if I could change the eco button to activate another energy profile instead the eco one.





PS: This forum script is awful; I wrote this message, THEN asked me to register, THEN my post was never posted after my registration (and email confirmation and all other things you asked me), I had to write it again.



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Re: change default settings for eco mode or change eco button



I was experiencing the same problem and I've only just figured out how to do it. If you go to the Control Panel, then System and Security, then Power Options, you can change all of the default settings and customise a power plan that suits you. Hope this was helpful! 



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Re: change default settings for eco mode or change eco button

For those out there like me who are looking for an answer to this, I think I figured on out.  It appears the Eco Utility Default settings are in the Registry.  In the registry, you can change various settings that will then become the default.  I wanted my screen a little brighter than level 3, so I upped it to 4.  It didn't affect the power saving much.  BTW, Eco Mode works much better than simple Power Saver plan as it controls more functions on the computer.


Ok, to change default settings, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Toshiba\eco Utility\Criteria\Win7\


There are two subfolders there: AC (for plugged in) and DC (for battery operation).  Within those two folders are several keys that hold the default values.  For brightness on battery, click on the DC folder.  Within that folder, double click the MonitorBacklight REG_DWORD KEY.  The default value is 3.  Change this to whatever works for your eyes.


Keep in mind that changing registry settings is technical.  Only do this if you are comfortable in the registry.

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Re: change default settings for eco mode or change eco button

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This wa a fantastic answer! Thank you very much. Ithas worked the charm on my Portege Z930, even though I am not comfortable in registry for sure. The only thing I wish to know more would be how to set the value as "Never"? Right now I have it as go to sleeep in 60000 minutes, which is okay too, just wondering...


Thanks so much!



PS: the reason why I wanted to do in the first place is that I like to use the eco button as "switch off monitor" button, which toshibas are always lacking, and I find so usefull. The way I set it up is that it dims straight away, and then goes off after 1 minute, and generaly gaets to a quiet low consumption mode, which is alo cool, but I don't want it to switch of completely, just to relax and meditate if you know what I mean...Smiley Happy