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I know this seems repetitive but I'm at a loss. when I load my computer I get the "BOOTMGR MISSING.. HIT CTL..ATL..DEL" to restart.  Now I've tried to hold the f-8 as one of you guys have suggested and the computer does nothing but beep ridiculously loud at me.. as if it's laughing. So... I've gone through the f-2 AND F-12 set ups.. and theres nothing to reboot or reload.. it wont let me do anything.... so any help is appreciated. Thanks again..

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Re: bootmgr

i have a toshiba sat A135-7406

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No bootmgr ?


   Bad news !  When the boot manager is missing, as it is the first step in starting a machine, it normally involves redoing the OS. This is done by re-installing from the Recovery DVDs.


    You did make them when you first got your Toshiba, yes ?  You are away to full happiness then.


                      No ?  Get the URL often mentioned here and order them from Toshiba.   $$$ involved.


                                Have fun.             JP.