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A665-3DV5 crashing and hanging



I just received my A665 a week ago and since then I am having hell with it. I need my laptop to connect to a device using a COM port s I am using a USB-to-COM cable. But every time I try to upload data to that device the A665 either crashes with a BSOD on various .sys files, or the connection just hangs. Least to say that apart from the problem the non-resumed connection with my devices completely obliterates the data on it which demands a long procedure to restore. Now the same device, USB-to-COM cable, and software using the connection have been used for years with a Lenovo laptop and today with my wife's Dell laptop without problem at all. I am a network engineer so I know much about drivers, settings, and other stuff. Something is wrong with this laptop. Maybe one of the Toshiba drivers is bad, or the bios that pilots the USB ports. I am using all the latest and checked drivers. The ones that I have used on the Lenovo and the Dell. I need help or I will just kick that piece of &*%%^ on the 2nd hand market.