outputting the video to an external monitor

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outputting the video to an external monitor

 tried plugging in a VGA cable into my 22" Samsung monitor.  It worked, only the result was not stable, that is, every once in awhile it would switch to a different aspect ratio or number of pixels.  Thus it would fit pretty well, then it might go to VGA mode or to overscan.  (actually, I did this a few weeks ago).

I would use the HDMI port but the monitor doesn't have a HDMI input.   I could do a HDMI-to DV-I cable route but that's expensive and I don't even know if it would help. (For some reason, most laptops have HDMI output but most monitors have DVI input).

Its a feature I might need one day and would like it working.  Sometimes the native display gets a little hard to read, one shortcoming of the Toshiba A505 to my view. 

Is anyone else trying this?