eco utility button

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eco utility button

I have an A505 and I think I changed a few settings through system configurations that cause a few of the previous utilities I used to turn off. In particular there is an eco utility button that lights up and turns on the eco battery setting, but now everytime I try to use it nothing happens but a beeping noise. I can turn it on through windows, but simply pressing the button doesn't work anymore.


When configuring the system configurations I changed it to selective startup to get better performance with some programs, but when I changed it back to normal startup things have ceased to function. is there any way past this?

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Re: eco utility button

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You need to install Toshiba Value Added Package, that is where this is. You shouldn't delete or unistall the Toshiba utilities, they serve a purpose and if you want to keep your laptop updated and running smooth you want these utilities in place.


If you have the Satellit A505-S6005 this is the link. In the future please include your model and part number so that you recieve the proper help. If this isn't your model than go to support page and locate your product and you will find what you need.

 Clickon the downloads tab go to page 3 and the download you need is about halfway down the page.

A505-S6005 Part number PSAT6U-005002