What is Toshiba Remote Control Manager?

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What is Toshiba Remote Control Manager?

I see this in the Startup tab of msconfig.  Googling doesn't reveal much about its purpose.  Thanks for any info.

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Re: What is Toshiba Remote Control Manager?

Not exactly sure, but I'm also curious.  I have a P770 model that has no separate handheld remote control gizmo similar to the one that came with my old 5205, but there is a new-ish download for the P770 named "Remote Control Manager" v3.01010.1 that was posted to the official site in late May (actual release date was apparently in April).


Since the old 5205's remote control capability was a nice feature to have on the somewhat rare occasions when I've needed to give a presentation, I've now looked in the P770's user manual for clarification on the remote control function.  Unfortunately, that section is brief and somewhat arcane but is cut-and-pasted below FYI even though it may not be totally applicable to your model:


HDMI™-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a standard in the
CE Industry which allows devices to work together over an
HDMI™ cable. Toshiba computers with HDMI™-CEC include a
Toshiba utility. The HDMI™-CEC utility is dedicated to take
advantage of its capabilities which can allow you to:
❖ Use a TV remote control to output the computer screen onto
the TV screen.
❖ Use a TV remote control to launch, operate and close
applications on your computer.
❖ Turn on a TV when the HDMI™ output is selected using the
Fn + F5 key.
❖ Switch the video output (HDMI™ or LCD) when executing
certain desktop icons.
❖ Enable/Disable the HDMI™-CEC function on the computer.
For more detailed HDMI™-CEC information visit


It would seem that the HDMI cabling might enable two-way communication between a TV and the computer, with the TV remote being used as the input control mechanism to send commands to the computer, but that's something of a guess.  I posted a query about the remote control function in the "virtual help" desk, but that led to an exercise in complete frustration in a "Who's on first?" style of round-and-round requestioning, so I gave up.


Hopefully, someone else can eventually shed some light on this.  I'm also going to post queries in a couple of the other forum sections about the remote control functionality and the updated manageer utility software.