VERY stiff keyboard -- help?

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VERY stiff keyboard -- help?

I have an A665 Series laptop, and i like it a lot -- but I can't type quickly on it for 2 reasons:  I have to press down so incredibly hard that it slows me down, and the space bar doesn't work 75% of the time because it requires pounding on it much harder that anyone should have to!  So I spend a lot of time going back andinserting the space that should have been there but didn't happen...


Suggestions for how to fix this problem?




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Re: VERY stiff keyboard -- help?

Sounds like it might need a new keyboard, or it is one of the long stroke keyboards found on some laptops.  On those the button has to travel just a bit farther to make contact and they take more time to master.

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Re: VERY stiff keyboard -- help?

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My suggestion:


Goto a brick and morter store and compare the a665 model to one with a backlight and yours and see if it's your KB that's the issue.  The backlit one seems to be of an entirely different design and, at least for me, a backlit KB will supposedly work in my A665.


Beware of the space key on the A665 normal KB.  See my recent post in the keyboard section "a665 series keyboards"  I provide a method to test the keys there.