Restoring Toshiba laptop - Read this first - Configuring System loop

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Restoring Toshiba laptop - Read this first - Configuring System loop

Hello folks,


If for any reason, you plan to restore your laptop to factory settings, I think you should know following as I receivied conflicting information before restoration and I came across some glitches so clarifying for those who plan to restore.


I booted system with F8 pressed and asked it to "Repair the computer" and selected last option on screen "Toshiba recovery". It took about 30 minutes to recover and then it ended up in Configuring system and reboot loop for about 50 minutes as if its installing one driver at a time. So when you restore to factory settings, plug in to electricity outlet so that it can play in the loop as much as it wants. Don't worry, it may take longer (90 minutes is reported in another post on this forum) BUT just wanted to let users know that this is a worst recovery I have ever experienced.


I have Acer Aspire 5740, Dell Studio 1530 and have restored both of them to factory setting at least once and it has taken less than 30 minutes to do so. Toshiba is worst.


In conclusion, don't worry if it goes in the loop, let it play as it wants, finally you will have restored machine, little late compared to other manufacturers though..


Good luck restoring your machines.