Optical Disk Drive

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Optical Disk Drive

I have a fairly new A665 and would like to turn off or disable the Optical Disk Drive when I am running on battery power.  There used to be a prompt asking if I would like to turn the ODD off when I switched to battery power, but it no longer appears and the battery operating time is reduced as a result of the ODD still being enabled.  


Can someone please tell me how to get this feature (the prompt) back so that I can save the battery time and work longer while running on battery time?  I've searched the net and not found anything that can tell me what I need to do.




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Re: Optical Disk Drive


Sophie, scroll down to the section TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings Vxxxxx in this document. Let us know if it helps you.


   How to handle the power managment features of Windows 7


Always tell us which Satellite A665 you have when you post here. There is a label on the bottom.

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