My Graphic card in A305-S6894

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My Graphic card in A305-S6894

Hi guys i still new to this forum and i was having a problem with my 1 month old Toshiab A305-S6894.

So when i bought this laptop the seller told me that it has video card memory up to 256 mb. but when i right click on desktop,personalize,display settings,advanced i have dedictaed vedio memory 128mb and shared system memory 1759mb... any explanation on how much my graphic memory is and if i can increase it or not...

Thanks in advanced

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Re: My Graphic card in A305-S6894

According to the specs on that machine your graphics controller has 128-1759MB of shared dynamically allocated graphics memory.  That means that the controller 'borrows' RAM from the system memory.  The amount borrowed changes constantly according to the demand on the graphics subsystem.   Since the system ships with the RAM maxed out at 4GB there isn't anything else the user can do.  There are no user settings on the system it's all automatic.