How can I maintain 4:3 display aspect ratio?

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How can I maintain 4:3 display aspect ratio?

*posted about this problem elsewhere and it was moved by a mod (accidently?) into deleted messages, so I'm posting it here myself.


I own a Satellite A305-S6837 laptop using Windows Vista 64-bit OS.


How can I maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio when running Windows-based games?  Whenever I run older non-widescreen Windows based games under my native 1280x800 resolution, they play in a small box in the center of my screen with huge black bars on all sides.  If I lower my display's resolution to any other selectable option (anywhere from 800x600 up to 1280x768) the picture stretches to fill my entire 16x9 widescreen display, thereby distorting what is meant to be a 4:3 image.


I would like to run the programs with a fullscreen 4:3 image (having black bars only on the left and right side of the image).  On my other laptop (an acer) this is no problem, but on the Toshiba I just can't figure out how.



There is an option under "graphics options" where I can select "maintain aspect ratio".  I thought this would do the trick, but as soon as I run anything with a 4:3 aspect ratio, it stretches to fill the entire screen and if I look in the "graphics options" menu again,  "maintain aspect ratio" has been deselected, and "full screen (no border)" has been selected against my will.


Please help!  How can I run my software without having the image distorted and stretched to fill the screen?