Hard disk failure

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Hard disk failure

Because a disk failure will cause you to loseall programs, files and documents on the disk, you shuold back up your important information immediately. Try not to use your computer until you have repaired or replaced the hard disk.


Which disk is failing?


The following hard disks are reporting failure


Disk Name TOSHIBA MK6465GSXNATA Device

Volume:C backslash

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Re: Hard disk failure

Please include your full model number when posting problems on the forums. It can be found on the bottom of your laptop.


First, if the computer is still working, i highly recommend you backup any important data. Use a USB thumbdrive or external hard drive and backup anything important in case the hard drives completely dies.


You can use chkdsk to try to repair the hard drive. Open the Start Menu and select "Computer." Right-click on the C: drive and select "Properties." In the "Tools" tab, click "Check now..." under "Error-checking." Check both the options, and click "Start." It will prompt you to schedule a scan. Go ahead and do that. Now, next time you reboot, it'll scan the hard drive and attempt to correct any problems before loading Windows. Note that this could take some time. Once you start, you should not interrupt the computer or it could cause more damage to the hard drive.


Hopefully that can fix it, but it is possible that the hard drive is simply dying. If that's the case, it'd be best to replace it.

- Peter