Does my computer have a microphone?

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Does my computer have a microphone?

I was given a pair of second hand Toshiba Satellites by my uncle, who I don't have much contact with. So, I don't have the packaging to check for features. Up to now, they've worked great, but now I need a microphone for a school project, and I need to know if I have one built in, or if I need to go buy one. I did some research. Some sites say that my models do have microphones, some say they don't, and some say it depends on the individual laptop, because even within the same model, some do and some don't.

So how do I tell if one of mine has a microphone? The model numbers, if they are relevant, are:
A215-S7427: PSAFGU-01W002
A215-S7407: PSAFGU-01V002

I also asked the operating system about the hardware, and it said "HDA ATA SB Mic" is of type "Unknown" (on both Satellites). I'm not sure if that's a microphone, but it sounds like it might be one, but it also sounds like it might not even be installed. I attached a screenshot, in case it helps.

Thank you!

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Re: Does my computer have a microphone?

Neither of those computers came with a Webcam or Microphone.  I've given you links below for both models where you will find the specifications, downloads, User's Guide and support bulletins for each.








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