Bios Password after updating Bios

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Bios Password after updating Bios

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I am so frustrated I want to puke...


A215-S4757 model.  Had some system issues with freezing and rebooting after a clean install of Windows 7 Ult.  Read forums about the event viewer errors I was getting and that pointed to a Bios update to fix the issues.  So I ran thru the Bios update in windows because while I was unpacking the bios file it automatically decided to run the bios update all by itself.  The computer powered down and now it is asking for a bios password.


So the question is... Is there a default password for the A-Series Bios?  Or do I need to call Toshiba and scream at some poor Indian kid until he gets me someone that will fix this issue at their cost since the laptop is out of warranty and it was their stupid bios fix that caused this?


The download was this one --> ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.30 for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU) 32/64bit(vsa210v230.exe; 01-22-...


Edit: I have since called Toshiba Tech Support (heaven help me)... It seems that there are some models affected by this issue where you flash the bios and the system automatically creates a super secret password that nobody knows and locks you out of your computer.  Toshiba graciously (cough!?) has decided to let me send in my computer to have it fixed by them but can't gaurentee me that the bios will be updated.  I figure I will add a little note for the  tech that gets to work on it and see if they are at least a little more compident and customer service oriented than the phone support is.

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Re: Bios Password after updating Bios

Well, this just happened to me as well.  I was updating my old Satellite A215-S4757 to Windows 7 and wanted to update to the latest BIOS version.  I came to Toshiba's support page, downloaded A210 v230 BIOS.  Flashed the BIOS, rebooted, and now I have a BIOS password and my laptop is a BRICK and unuseable.


I called Tech Support but the best they could offer me was to refer me to a service center nearly 30 miles away where I could take it to pay to have the BIOS password removed. 


Epic fail, Toshiba.  How can you be still distributing this bad BIOS flash 5 years after you know it causes a BIOS password to enable?  You can't distribute a BIOS version that breaks people's PC's and then tell them "Too bad, pay up!" - you're no better than the asshats who code ransom-ware.

ATTENTION TOSHIBA AQ215-S4757 OWNERS!  DO NOT FLASH YOUR BIOS WITH THE v230 BIOS BEING PROVIDED HERE BY TOSHIBA.  For that matter, save yourself the hassle and heartache and buy a different OEM instead.   I've flashed hundreds of Dell BIOS's over the years and never had any problems.

Count me as a disappointed customer who is unlikely to ever recommend or purchase another Toshiba product.