A665-S6092 too hot?

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A665-S6092 too hot?

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Hello everyone!


I just bought a satellite a665-s6092 with i7 740 and nvidia 330m. I am a little concerned about the CPU and GPU temperature. The processor is reaching 91C and the GPU 80C while playing team fortress 2 or half life 2 in full screen or even windowed (at lower resolutions). I measured the temps using coretemp and speedfan, they gave very similar readings. The laptop does run hot but I haven't had the slightest sign of throttling and it hasn't frozen or shut down. I do think those temperatures are way too high, but maybe it's inherent to the processor capacity. I used to play the same games on my old vostro 1500 (core 2 duo and nvidia 8400gs) and the processor never went above 60, nor the gpu above 65, but of course, it's a totally different computer. Also, when I reach those 90C at TF2, the toshiba pc health monitor tells me that the CPU temperature is 73%. Maybe the computer is designed to run at such higher temps.... or maybe mine has a problem.


I also found it kind of weird that the fan doesn't have his own air intake on the underside, there is some sort of circular mark where I guess the fan is located, but is not open. 


I would be very grateful for your comments, experiences or knowledge about these issues. I've browsed lot of pages online and I haven't found anything related to this particular model, so that's why I'm starting this topic.




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