A25-S3072 drivers

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A25-S3072 drivers



I recently had to replace the hard drive in my Satellite A25-S3072 laptop.  I have been looking for drivers and can not find any support for this older model.  Specificly I am looking for display drivers, so it's not so jerky when I scroll up and down.


Any help to find some support for this older model would be great.



Kyle Bailey

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Re: A25-S3072 drivers

Kyle, your Satellite A25-S3072 is in the same part-number family (PSA20U) as the Satellite A25-S307.


So you should expect everything here to work just fine. 



In particular, they both have the Trident CyberBlade XP2 graphics processor. 


   Windows XP Display Driver for Trident CyberAladdin-P4 display adapters

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