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X505-Q830 - External Monitor / VGA Output Problems

Ok, so after a vacation over the long weekend and maybe a week or two before that without using an external monitor, I seem to be unable to output anything from my VGA port.


The external monitor I'm using at work is a dell 1905FP. I have my video preferences set to extend my desktop onto my external display.


The external monitor I'm using at home is a 22" Acer, I forget the model number. It was set up to be the primary display and to disable the laptop display (I "dock" my laptop when at home, monitor/kb/mouse).


Both of these configurations worked fine on their own. When I was at work, I plugged in the monitor, and it would bootup with the bios displaying on the external monitor, then it would switch back to the laptop display for windows login, after I logged in, it would display my main desktop on my laptop and an extended desktop on the external monitor.


When I was at home, I would plug in the VGA and turn on the computer, and it would stay on the external monitor screen from Bios to windows login, never even activating the laptop screen.


Now, neither of these configurations are working. I get nothing on any monitor I've connected it to but a  blinking yellow (no signal) light.


I've uninstalled the video drivers from control panel, rebooted to safe mode, driver sweeper'd anything left, and reinstalled video drivers. I've done this process 3 times, no luck.


The only thing I can figure at this point is that my VGA port died somehow.


Which leads me to the following questions:


1. How can I verify that the VGA port died? (Or have I verified that already by it not working on multiple verified-to-be-working monitors?)


2. Is it possible that a solder point (or something else easy) came loose on the connector that I can just reattach and be good to go. (I.E. has anyone heard of the VGA ports in these laptops coming loose or something to that effect)


3. Can I get an HDMI -> VGA cable and just use the HDMI output from my laptop instead?


I appreciate your time in reading this and any advice you might have. I can attach screenshots of various settings if you would like to verify that I have it set up properly.



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Re: X505-Q830 - External Monitor / VGA Output Problems

I try to use an external momitor/Sceptre Model x5g-Kompdo7.With Lightroom3 but it is not working.What can I do

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Re: X505-Q830 - External Monitor / VGA Output Problems

I have an X505-Q880 and use an external monitor regularly.  Mine is still working, but the VGA port is very loose.  I found this post while searching for a teardown article to see if I could tighten it before it fails.  


I have also been using another very good solution to the external display issue.  I use a Toshiba docking station that has an on-board display card for both VGA and DVI.  It connects to the PC using a single USB.  I also have a Samsung portable 22" monitor (LD220) that can run directly from a USB port and does not need the docking station.


I thought I'd share that as all is not lost if the VGA port has failed outright and can't be fixed.  The only thing that gets a little weird with all these display alternatives is that, under XP Pro (installed on the 2nd HDD), the display properties dialog shows me 4 different monitors to choose from and I can never remember which is which.


Good luck.