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Upgrade x305-q706

I have noticed some people have upgraded their qosmio laptops. I am looking to upgrade my processor the videos cards 9800m gts sli, and possibly the lcd screen to 1920x1080. Can any of you who have upgraded their laptops please post what you have done and possible a link to where you bought and what you have bought to help all of us who want to upgrade. thank you.

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Re: Upgrade x305-q706

Not sure about videa card upgrades, though I'd love to hear other people's experiences. I maxed the RAM on my x305-q725 at 8 gigs. The support docs say the max amount is 4, but the chipset actually supports 8. I recommend this to everyone. I'm looking into upgrading the hard drives in mine. Anyone have any luck with this? Will the larger 1TB and 750GB drives fit in the Qosmio?

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Re: Upgrade x305-q706

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Upgrading the video cards is not likely, the cards are a proprietary design and only cards for that series will fit.

Sli cards in X305's are not two seperate cards, they are one card with two GPU's.

Also the graphics cards are ungodly expensive. $1000.00 for a single GPU card unless you can find something used on ebay.    Currently they have the same card you have (Used) on ebay for $259.00, but they are the same card, so there is no upgrade there.

As for the processor, you can safely upgrade to this one as it was installed in other X305's that had the Nvidia chipset. Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme Processor QX9300  2.53GHz, 12MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB.


Also upgrading to an SSD drive of at least 120gb's will drastically improve performance of the system


8 gigs of ram is possible in the X305's with the intel chipsets, but I do not know if the Nvidia chipset boards like yours can handle it.




This is what your card looks like.




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Re: Upgrade x305-q706

Yes! I am running a 1th and 750gb i my x305-q706.  I did enlarge the vents to the HD bay to ensure better air flow.