Re: Qosmio G55 Q804 Running Very Slow?

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Qosmio G55 Q804 Running Very Slow?

My wife has a Qosmio G55 Q804.  It came with Windows Vista and she installed Windows 7 on it 3 years ago. It ran fine for years.  Lately it has slowed down to the point where it is almost useless. Here are the apps she usually has running:


- Internet Explorer 9

- Quicken

- MS Word

- MS Outlook

- Adobe Reader

- Paperport for PDF'ing documents




- Is the Qosmio supposed to run so slowly to make it almost useless with Windows 7 and apps like these all open at once?

- Or, is this a case where she should wipe the hard drive, re-install Windows 7 from CD's, re-install all apps, and restore docs/prefs from backup?


Thanks very much in advance to all for any info!

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Re: Qosmio G55 Q804 Running Very Slow?


Qosmio G55-Q804



What do you mean by slow? Booting Windows? Shutdown? Starting a program? Surfing the web? Please get specific.


Let's make some experiments. Measure some times you believe to be slow. Then test them again immeidately after..


..booting into Safe Mode (or Safe Mode with Networking for surfing).


   Advanced startup options (including safe mode)


..booting normally into another account. If necessary, create one.


   Create a user account

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Re: Qosmio G55 Q804 Running Very Slow?

Make sure it doesn't have some kind of infection, virus, trojans, etc...

Make sure that both cooling fans are working properly.

I had a G55-804 and the VGA fan died on it.  When that fan died the computer became insanely slow.

Replacing the fan had it running smooth and fast again.


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Re: Qosmio G55 Q804 Running Very Slow?

Thanks for your advice! Per another thread on this board, we set power usage to high, and that seems to be helping. I'm waiting for my wife to tell me conclusively that this has fixed it. If not, I will try these suggestions and post a follow-up here. 

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Re: Qosmio G55 Q804 Running Very Slow?

My wife is reporting some extreme slowdowns. She just showed me an example. IE9 was accessing The page wouldn't come up after 60 seconds. We closed IE and restarted it. The Amazon page came right up, but when she started typing her email address, only the first 3 letters appeared -- the spinning hourglass came up. After some time we were able to enter the email address. But now the Amazon page is responsive and behaving normally.  


My wife has continuously been running anti-virus software for years to prevent viruses.


What could account for strange behavior of her computer?


Thanks in advance to all for any thoughts!

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Re: Qosmio G55 Q804 Running Very Slow?

UPDATE: a few moments later - IE9 is completely locked up. No controls in it - scrollbars, back button, etc. - respond to clicks.  My wife is saying that other apps become unresponsive also. I'll provide more details as I see them.