Re: Keyboard and Touch pad Issue

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Keyboard and Touchpad Issue

System:  Qosmio X770-BT5G24

OS:  Win 7 - 64 bit

Processor:  i7 - 2670 2.20 ghz

HD:  120 gb  SSD


Last week (about 10 Apr 2012), my touchpad began exhibiting strange behavior where my hand resting on the palm rest area and typing the mouse would be jumping around or clicking in obscure areas and getting worse an more strange results happening each day.


As of today (17 Apr 2012), if I jar the latop in any way, even bumping into the desk, Moving the display to double tapping anywhere on the laptop (including if I type too hard on the keys) the mouse will cycle on and off, respond with click events, start up routines.  Also today the keyboard will periodically turn off so that no typing will take place without disabling and reenabling the mouse.


I have had the laptop for about 1 month and am very displeased with this.  All drivers appear to be up to date with accordance to the Toshiba site.

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Re: Keyboard and Touchpad Issue

Call Toshiba:  Computers: (800) 457-7777 (toll-free) or (949) 859-4273


Good luck

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Re: Keyboard and Touch pad Issue

As a point of reference for anyone who reads this.  Additional symptoms include a key repeatedly typing until double tapping the touch pad which then terminated the typing.


Additionally, I did restore the computer back to factory default using the F12 option on start-up, and then restore from HDD (bottom option).  And then chose to restore back to factory default without saving user settings.  This did NOT resolve the touch pad / keyboard issue and therefore have to send back to Toshiba to repair.  I am hopeful they can resolve it as I like the speed and graphics, I would hate to try and find a different system.

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Re: Keyboard and Touch pad Issue

My guess is that the ribbon cable for the touchpad is not seated correctly.  Definitely strange symptoms.

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Re: Keyboard and Touchpad Issue