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Can you remove the case of the Qosmio X500?



Is it possible to remove the case of the Qosimo X500 without having to send it to Toshiba?


I have removed all the screws that I can see, but the top panel is still attached, there appears to be a screw underneath the plastic Smiley Frustrated


I post this in a hope that someone has done this before, and noticed something I didnt.


I have looked for guides but I couldnt find any, if I missed one please link me.







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Re: Can you remove the case of the Qosmio X500?

I wouldn't mess with it, unless you don't care about voiding the warranty.


There's a site out there with the dissasemble for the x500 (505).  Kind of afraid to post on here.  Goto and there's a post there.


Good luck



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Re: Can you remove the case of the Qosmio X500?

Thanks alot Smiley Happy

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Re: Can you remove the case of the Qosmio X500?


Make sure that you get it back together perfectly.  If Toshiba repair techs can tell that it has been opened then it is possible that it could void the warranty.   So if you are opening it to upgrade it, you could be causing yourself more trouble than the upgrade is worth at this time.



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Re: Can you remove the case of the Qosmio X500?

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Flagged as resolved but for others interested heres the full maintenence manual for the x500 seris: 

[ URL removed due to copyright violation ]


disassembly manual for the x300 series:

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