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hard drive adapter for the slim bay

I just got a Portege r835-p56x laptop, and have no use for the optical bay. Putting an optical drive in a laptop makes no sense to me... its like putting a 1.44" floppy in a desktop. I'd like to put a 2nd hard drive in there.


I replaced the 640gb drive that came with the laptop with an SSD... making the laptop much faster... but short on storage space. So it seems perfect to be able to swap the optical SATA drive with the SATA hard drive.


I've read that the connections are different sizes however, and the hard drive would also need to be securely set in there as to reduce vibration. So I went looking for a kit. Apparently Toshiba used to make one, but it was discontinued in 2006. The part was called "Toshiba Ultra Slim Bay HDD ADapter", model # PA3408U-2ETC. 


Does anyone have any idea if that part might still fit the newer drive bays? 

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Slim Bay HDD Adapter

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Hi I have a Slim drive HDD adopter for my M400/M405 notebook and it is great.  If you buy one you need the HDD caddy also. Unformtuneatly the HDD Adopter does not fit later models as the SATA pin plug format has changed.


I think there is a Slim Bay HDD Adopter II  but I have not been able to find one.  


I woiuld prefer an extra HDD or an additional battery to a DVD anyday...