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USB flash drive size for recovery media



I am going to generate the recovery media for my z935 using a USB flash drive, once I get my machine on the mail. However, I have no idea how big the USB drive should be.


Could anyone please report on the size (GB) of the USB media needed for generating the Revorery Media for the Portégé  z935?






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Re: USB flash drive size for recovery media

Never mind,


I just got my laptop and from the Recovery Media Center is plain clear that 




of space are required. Thus, a 16GB USB flash drive does suffice.



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Re: USB flash drive for recovery media

For anyone else reading this thread, suggest the $14 at Walmart Cruzer Glide 16GB USB 2.0 flash stick.  


I tried creating a recovery backup on a Transcend USB 3.0 16GB drive several times and could never get it to boot.  The Cruzer Glide stick booted booted reliably and restored system with upgraded SSD perfectly.  (I also did a recovery backup to 5 DVDs which booted ok, but I didn't test restoring from them.)