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Rubber feet: a reason no-one you know should ever again buy from Toshiba

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I have a Toshiba R705 Portege. It's under a year and a half old, it's got all sorts of nice features, in many ways it's really quite a good computer. It was affordable.


Unfortunately, it suffers from a serious design and manufacturing defect, caused and compounded by a company that has decided to save pennies at the cost (to its customers) of tens or hundreds of dollars, and not to offer meaningful support.


The Portege has on its bottom little rubber feet that must be present if it is to be used on a hard surface - at the very least, they must be symmetrical. This was perhaps never the best design decision, but it was rendered disastrous when Toshiba decided not to expend the money or the research to attach them properly. Over time the feet fall off - and when they do fall off, they can't always be found. And then your beautiful laptop can no longer be used on a hard surface.


And this is where it just gets cruel. Not only is there a basic flaw in the creation and construction of your laptop, but Toshiba, as an institution, does not care in the slightest. The customer support people, when you can find them (it isn't obvious how as there is no menu option, they are open limited hours, and they can only be contacted by telephone) are unable to help you. The options offered are that you can spend hundreds of dollars on shipping your laptop to Toshiba for a full refurbishment; you can try the Toshiba-approved third-party parts vendor (whose site lists no relevant parts); or you go can looking for yourself. Searches online do reveal vendors selling replacement rubber feet (and surely the existence of these vendors is a lesson in itself, eh?) - for $30 or so per set. All because Toshiba decided to save pennies per laptop, and refuses to offer any attempt to remedy the situation.


In short: Toshiba has decided that it would rather it save a few pennies if it means its customers will inevitably be out tens of dollars, hours of time, days or weeks of waiting for delivery, and a lifelong intense visceral loathing for the company that does this to them. No self-respecting person should purchase from Toshiba, and if you already have a Portege you might consider saving yourself time and pain by prying off each of the rubber feet and doing what Toshiba failed to do: gluing them back on properly.

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Beat it!

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fst post here using an attention seeking user

name and straight pi**ing around.

complaining about a mole hole piled up by yourself to

a mountain - after owning a Toshiba for quite

some time already.

I don't buy that you 'design' expert Smiley Mad


I suggest you let your water run on those trees

where you came (or been sent) from!


no regards


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Re: Beat it!


Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and to reply.


Having said that, I must say, I'm confused by your reply. You seem to feel that the purpose of these forums is to rhapsodize about Toshiba, rather than to report problems - an odd attitude. This is, as you note, my first post on this forum. It's the first significant problem I've had with my laptop, my first reason to interact with the Toshiba support infrastructure. It is the nature of that interaction that drove me to visti these forums, initially seeking related posts and eventually to leave a post of my own. And I can assure you that no-one has "sent" me.


I invite you to re-read my comment: I never claimed any particular expertise in design. I said that the feet falling off rendered the computer unusable on a hard surface, and that it was therefore a problem that in less than a year and a half I've had several feet fall off my laptop. What sort of expertise must I possess in order to assert my belief that this is an obvious design flaw? Especially since once the foot has fallen off I can see that the foot was held in place with a small piece of double-sticky tape that scarcely adheres to the laptop or to anything else, while the feet I have found and reattached with superglue remain firmly in place?


I submit to you that Toshiba cut corners on the installation of those rubber feet - perhaps they used the wrong adhesive to simplify construction, or saved a tiny sum on materials by not using the proper adhesives, or didn't want to spend the time and money doing the research to find a suitable adhesive. Their lapse has made it difficult to use my computer, and their customer support has so far taken hours not to help me with the problem their design and construction has caused. These forums seem to me to be an entirely suitable venue to report this situation.

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Re: Beat it!

Ok, now I've heard it all - griping about rubber feet on a 1.5yr old, "affordable" computer. The whole thing is trash because the feet didn't stay on and Toshiba didn't fall all over itself to get replacements with improved glue.


Or maybe I'm reading this wrong - maybe this is just ironic humor, meant to point out the absurdity of a lot of complaints....if so jolly good! I admit I bit.  Good job.

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Re: Rubber feet: a reason no-one you know should ever again buy from Toshiba

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This is my first post here too. You know all that vaseline you fling around got on the rubber feet and caused them to degrade... Thats not on Toshiba, thats on your desk, and under your desk, and all over your keyboard and mouse.





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Re: Beat it!

Damian. Sometimes you have to do a little thinking for yourself. Walmart, Target, Big Lots etc. all sell little pads made of felt or cork. A slight amount of cutting & fitting should solve your problem. Or you could put a match book under the side that is not level. The other thing is why did you take the pads off in the first place? Were you messing with the screws? The only way those pads would come off is if you pull them off or place the computer on a wet surface. Unless you were picking at them.
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Re: Beat it!

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No, the pads came off spontaneously, and repeatedly. The computer is used only on dry surfaces, and I've never picked at the pads - though I've been sorely tempted to remove them and glue them on properly. Once they had fallen off spontaneously, I could see that they were attached with a very poorly adhesive piece of sticky tape.


I am aware that it is possible to improvise a solution, cheaply. My complaint has much more to do with Toshiba's terrible customer service and the tremendous frustration caused by their poor design decisions and false economies than it is a lament about the terrible and insurmountable plight in which I find myself.

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Anyone ever tried asking for one? Assuming you are covered under warranty.

If the laptop is under warranty, did anyone ever try asking for an extra rubber feet from Toshiba?

Would they ask you to send the laptop in to the depot for such small job?


When I had Thinkpad X61T and a rubber feet on the palm rest was falling off, I asked about it, they just sent me a whole new palm rest since they didn't have rubber feet parts.