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Model number required for website not clear



My laptop model number is Portege R830. Part number PT321U-0H9019. What model do I select on your downloads webpage: ""


Where do I find the appropriate model number? Ulitimatley I just want a manual that can detail a part number for the ZIF to SATA adaptor required to adapt a a replacement SSD





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Re: Model number required for website not clear


Portege R830 (PT321U-0H9019)


Similar to this one, Nick.


Portege R830-S8332 (PT321U-0FW04Q)


Because they are in the same part-number family (PT321U), the downloads here should work.


Sometimes Toshiba does not assign a model designation. We often notice that when it's a special order from ToshibaDirect.


I can't help you with the ZIF to SATA adapter problem.