l505d s5965 overheating / fan issues

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l505d s5965 overheating / fan issues

The laptop began having overheating issues suddenly yesterday, repeatedly shutting down to protect itself from damage. It was observed that the laptop's fans were not spinning at all. The laptop normally has some overheating issues, so we use a cooling fan pad, but it obviously wasn't going to be enough if the internal fans weren't spinning.


I googled about how to change the fan speed manually and installed SpeedFan, which confirmed that the fans were not spinning and that the core and "Temp1" presumably the video card were running very hot, into the 70C range although I don't remember exactly. This was all done in the short intervals between being able to boot the computer up and it overheating.However, it did not allow me to modify the speed of the fans in any way.


I then went into the Toshiba Service Station and tried to get the fan to operate that way. However there are only two settings, performance and battery life, and it was already on performance. I went through and turned down all the power consuming settings I could, turning down CPU to 45%, Monitor Brightness to 40%, etc. This bought me some time before the computer overheated, but it continued to do so.


I read something about being able to adjust the fan speed in the BIOS but there is nothing referring to the fan speed there. There was however a setting for CPU speed from Dynamic to Always Low, which I changed to Always Low in another attempt to buy time. To my surprise, as soon as I saved this setting the fan came back on again, at a low speed. The cores are still reading in the mid 50C range, so I want to be able to turn them up.


I would also like to have the full speed of the computer back, with the fans. Please advise.

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Re: l505d s5965 overheating / fan issues

Hello jkhn.

im suffering for the same problem

recently mi lap, begans to overheating and shuting off, its about after  2hr. running


in the past i believed that problem was for the video edition programs that i use, but in the last week

it shuts down in any program tha im ussing.


if you find some solution, let me know.

tank you !