Won't wake up from Sleep

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Won't wake up from Sleep

This is an intermittent problem. Won't wake up from Sleep.

Power button puts it to sleep.
Touch spacebar or touchpad wakes it up.

This normally works, several times a day I sleep it and it wakes up ok.


But on 2 occasions this week it doesn't respond to keyboard touch, NOR press and hold (10sec) the powerbutton.

Kbd dead, (NUMLOCK LED on, and pressing key doesn't alter it. Same with CAPS key.)

HDrive sounds like it's on continuously, fan blowing also.  

All three LEDs continuously on, (orange mains connected, white 'on' indicator, and orange wifi).


First time I disconnected mains and pulled the battery out. Immediately put batt in and it started up with the power button.


Second time it happened I just disconnected the mains cable and tried the power button, which turned it on with "Windows did not shut down properly ..." but started up ok anyway.


Toshiba Satellite L850 (PSKDLA-09200R)
Win7home prem sp1

One month old



Auckland New Zealand



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Re: Won't wake up from Sleep

This site is part of Toshiba USA. You'll want to contact Toshiba in your region.

- Peter
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Re: Won't wake up from Sleep

I am having this issue, and I am in the United States.  Typically, I can return my laptop from sleep - if I have a USB keyboard or mouse, I can click or touch a button, but otherwise I wake it up by pressing the power button - the glowing orange power light (by the mouse pad) becomes a solid green power light.


However, sometimes,I turn it back on, and the light goes solid but no screen display.  The caps lock key does not respond either, so I know the keyboard is not responding either.  Pressing the power button again does not do anything.  The HD light flashes, which leads me to believe that processing is going on in the background, but I am forced only to turn it off by holding down the power button.


Laptop: Toshiba Tecra R84S-US2

OS: Windows 7 Profession 64-bit



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Re: Won't wake up from Sleep

Michael, this is worth a try for you. I have 3 Toshiba Laptops and we always keep them plugged in but with Sleep enabled when unused. On occasion (not as often as you apparently) when returning from sleep, everything powers up normally except the display remains off.  I simply wiggle my external mouse and the display is activated.  If you don't use an external mouse, try stroking the TouchPad.




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