Windows Vista corrupted

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Windows Vista corrupted

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I am running Vista Home Premium on a Satellite L305D-S5881 series system. I need to reinstall the OS from the Vista disk supplied with the laptop. However, I cannot find the right option to select to reinstall the OS, when I boot using the disk. The only relevant option is Toshiba Complete Restore which will delete all my data on other partitions as well, and I certainly cannot afford to let that happen. I only want to reformat my root partition (C:\) and reinstall Windows on that.

Can someone help me out over here ?





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Re: Windows Vista corrupted

So far as I know, no Toshiba computer has that option.


You might try repairing Windows.


How to repair the operating system and how to restore the operating system configuration to an earli...

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Re: Windows Vista corrupted

Sounds like a good time to buy an external hard drive to backup all your data, then do a system restore to factory specs.
It can be a pain, but hard drives are so cheap these days, there is no real excuse for not having one just for these types of problems. I have done this many times.