Toshiba Satellite L675 GPU Upgrade

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Toshiba Satellite L675 GPU Upgrade

A friend of mine is curious to know if she is able to purchase an discrete graphics card for this particular laptop model.  She lacks the information, and I lack access to said laptop at this time.


It currently has the Integrated Intel HD crap.


Is there physical room and necessary expansion slots in this laptop?


If so, what selection is she looking at?



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Re: Toshiba Satellite L675 GPU Upgrade

I've never heard of any laptop being expandable like a desktop in reference to replacing a GPU.  The GPU chips in laptops are soldered into the motherboards leaving such expansion only possible if you replaced the motherboard.  And doing so is usually more expensive then buying a new computer.  If you aren't happy with the 1600x900 resolution offered by the built in chipset you should upgrade the laptop.  You might want to double check that the correct video chipset has been detected and appropriate software is running, especially if it looks poorer then expected for this relatively high-end laptop.


Start here to verify drivers ....