Should I buy extended warranty??

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Should I buy extended warranty??

Hello and thank for being here!


I just got a satellite L505-S5971.

I would like to know how people view extended warranties. I broke the screen on my last laptop (after 2 years) so I had to use a monitor to use it after that and could not take it anywhere really.


One of my main questions is tech support. Databases and auto responses make me crazy...forums may be helpful but sometimes I want a real live person to help and I want to be able to get that from my warranty.


I believe the accidental coverage is a very good thing to have, so you agree? I try to be careful but accidents are accidents and since I am going to be a student for many years to come I don't think I will have money to buy a new laptop if something happens.


Also, one time when I turned my computer on, it just got stuck on the opening page....just froze up.


And, I totally do not understand why I plugged my brother's internet cable into the computer and it wouldn't connect to the net. It is so totally crazy that I can't just get online with a direct cable. I am at the bucks right now because I can get wireless in here. So.....anyone know why that is?

I was afraid that if I reset the modem that it would them screw up my brothers connectivity and I did not want to mess with that. He is not using wireless because he is working on getting his CableTV on his internet screen.


Thank you to whoever is reading this. I really appreciate your time!


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Re: Should I buy extended warranty??

I think there are multiple questions in there but it's hard to tell.  You're rambling quite a bit.  As far as extended warranties are concerned, the ones from Toshiba are good.  The ones from 3rd parties such as BestBuy are not worth the paper they're written on.  They are expensive and in many cases don't even become effective until the manufacturer's warranty has expired.  At that point you're at the mercy of a third party who may or may not be an authorized Toshiba repair station.