Satellite M115-S1061 Memory upgrade

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Satellite M115-S1061 Memory upgrade

Laptop came with 512MB (1 module). There are 2 slots in the Laptop.

Bought 2 1024MB modules.

Will not boot with either or both modules installed. (Tried every combination).

Then installed 1 1024MB module with the 512MB module and the laptop boots but only recognizes 1024

MB of the 1536MB installed.

The spec guide says it will take the 1024MB module(s).

Is there a external switch or BIOS setting that needs to be changed to make it work?

Or any other ideas anyone may have.


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Re: Satellite M115-S1061 Memory upgrade


Satellite M115-S1061



Toshiba computers require memory that is very close to the specs. So sometimes the modules you get are not quite compatible. This is the most likely trouble.


To improve the likelihood of being in spec, get the best that Kingston makes. One 2 GB module should work too.


   Kingston 1GB PC2-4200 533MHz DDR2 Module


   Kingston 2GB PC2-4200 533MHz DDR2 Module

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