(Satellite L735)Unable to enter BIOS Setup

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(Satellite L735)Unable to enter BIOS Setup

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Ok, here is my condition...

I got a new Toshiba Satellite l735
I don't like Win 7
So I try to downgrade it from 7 -> XP last night (Via USB Flash)
Normally I just pres F2 to get in to the BIOS

Then I change some setting like:


1st Boot Device : USB FlashDisk

2nd Boot Device : HDD

USB Legacy Support Smiley Very Happyisable

Boot Performance : Fast

then I save it.

The big problem is when it's rebooted,
it wont let me get into BIOS Setting again..
I tried any key and found nothing...


What I should to do to get into BIOS again...?

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Re: (Satellite L735)Unable to enter BIOS Setup

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i have the same problem ... plz help us in this crazy problem ...
and another problem in L735 ... is its drivers only work with windows 64-bit???? it dosn't work with 32-bit win 7??