Satellite L505D-S5983 Power Jack/Battery/Cord Issue

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Satellite L505D-S5983 Power Jack/Battery/Cord Issue

My Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983 is having a weird power issue that began with the battery not charging while the unit was plugged. The battery continued to die slowly. Then suddenly, the green power LED light and orange battery LED light began flashing continuously while the unit was still plugged in and the unit "died." When the battery's removed and the unit is only plugged into the AC adapter, nothing happens; all LED lights are off and the unit will not power on.


I have tried using more than one adapter with the same results. I have also tried removing the battery, depressing the power button for an extended time to "drain" the battery, and replacing the battery. After this, I was able to power up the unit for several minutes while I checked the charge indicator and battery icon; the LED lights flashed continuously throughout this time. However, I'm not sure if this ability to power on the unit briefly was due to the "battery drain" attempt or the fact that the unit might have still received a small amount of power while it was plugged up for an extended time while the power and battery lights were flashing. When the unit was powered on for this brief time, the battery indicator showed 0% power and the battery icon in the status bar flashed continuously between the "plugged in" and "on battery only" icons at the same pace that the green and orange LED lights were flashing on the outside of the unit.


I believe that there may be an issue with the POWER JACK and not the battery or power cord, which are almost certainly working properly, but before I purchase unnecessary replacement parts, I'm hoping to diagnose our problem more precisely. Any thoughts? Thanks! Smiley Happy

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Re: Satellite L505D-S5983 Power Jack/Battery/Cord Issue

From the description, it does seem to me that it's due to a hardware failure in the laptop itself. I would seek service for the laptop.

- Peter