Satellite L305D-S5959 CMOS Battery

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Satellite L305D-S5959 CMOS Battery



I have a Satellite L305D-S5959. I got an error saying that the CMOS battery failed. Before I take it apart, does anyone know if it takes a regular CMOS battery (like a desktop)? Or, does it have one of the "special" CMOS batteries that are built in to most laptops.


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Re: Satellite L305D-S5959 CMOS Battery

The CMOS battery on your machine is soldered into the motherboard.  And it is on the "under side" meaning you have to get it completely taken apart (including removal of the motherboard) in order to replace it.


While it may be easy enough to find a new battery the disassembly, soldering and re-assembly may not be something you want to undertake.  Unless you have years of soldering experience with small electrical parts I would recommend you have a PC shop or national toshiba repair do it for you.


If you are "on the fence" about a new machine, however, you may want to buy something rather then getting it fixed.  I would estimate most shops would charge around $100. for the total job.  And remember that all you have after investing all that money is the same old machine.


If you want to sell it I would recommend placing it on ebay with a description of the problem. The L305D ebay market is good and a lot of people buy, fix and re-sell there.