Problems, blue screen etc w/Toshiba Satellite laptop C655

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Problems, blue screen etc w/Toshiba Satellite laptop C655

I have a new Toshiba laptop, got it in mid June, and have been having recent issues. Several times I have gotten a blue screen, ran the fix thing but took so long I went to bed and in morn it said my computer had recovered from some type of problem. But I have since had a blue screen and same type message and today my Wi-Fi internet was not recognized twice, once it asked me to plug in an ethernet cord, and did not show I even had Wi-Fi when I checked my internet options. Once I shut down & restarted my Wi-Fi reappeared. But next time I turned on it did not show up right away, and then popped in. Now came how and found a big Norton alert page saying the auto-fix had been activiated and found something it could not fix. But it suggested shutting down & restarting and did and that went away. I can not even find a record of what problem was when search my Norton. Something must be wrong that I am getting an occassional blue screen, the Wi-Fi is no longer detected right away and now a Norton auto-fix was unable to fix something. I know I have a Toshiba warranty for having a new item, so that is not my big concern. My HUGE concern is that I know if I go to Best Buys Geek Squad they will just want me to give up my laptop and send it out for weeks, and afraid if I call Toshiba directly they will want me to send to them and go without anything for weeks and I simply can not be without my laptop when I am using it for work every day. So I am hoping someone can suggest a certain trouble shoot or something to run to get my laptop to show what problem it is having and why, and tell me what to do to get my computer to fix itself so I do not have to give it up.


This is my 2nd Toshiba laptop. My daughter & son-in-law gifted me with my 1st one a few years ago, same type Toshiba but it ended up with bad problems after almost 3 years and was replaced by this new one. It had full warranty as part of the gift, but I could not afford to add to this new replacement. I did not think it would be necessary since my 1st Toshiba satellite laptop lasted almost 3 years.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And if I have this in the wrong place anybody who knoows where it would be better placed please feel free to copy & move it. My email address is since I'm not sure I'll be able to find this page again a direct email would really be helpful. I willl hit save on this page, but I am really inexperienced at the computer so not sure it will help.

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Re: Problems, blue screen etc w/Toshiba Satellite laptop C655

Which Satellite C655? See the label on the bottom.

Channel 9