PREINST7.SWM and PREINST6.SWM error messages

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PREINST7.SWM and PREINST6.SWM error messages

How are these remedied?  This seems to be a recurring, unanswered question in the forums since 2009.


I have a Satellite laptop, the L505D-S5983 model.  When I called for technical support, my warranty was out six months ago. 


I have a problem with paying an additional fee for recovery discs, then being told it will cost me for technical support when these disks don't work. 


Toshiba:  we're a family with five computer users who buy computers/laptops regularly as they cycle in and out.  Can you please provide a little support?  We have three of your laptops (two macs, and three more PCs, all in various states of use/repair) and are likely to add more laptops as we phase out PCs in our crowded house.  Give us a reason to come back, please, by telling us how to remedy these errors on your recovery media?