P75-A7200 BIOS access

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P75-A7200 BIOS access

What's the deal with accessing the BIOS setup on the P75?  I have successfully used F12, but then I also have not been able to use F12.


The computer is off.  I hold F12 and press power , I then access the BIOS.  Another time this process does not work and I am presented with the Windows 8 screen waiting for logon.  Other F buttons do not seem to be an option.  I read where F2 works , not for me.


Anyone ... Thanks for any info ...

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Re: P75-A7200 BIOS access

It works when Windows 8 is shut down completely, which is not what it normally does.


To do that, hold down the Shift key when you click/tap Shut down.

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Re: P75-A7200 BIOS access

I went through a little adventure recently, replacing the P75-A7200's hard drive with an SSD and putting a WD Black in the 2nd hard drive bay, and I was in the BIOS quite a bit. I usually shutdown via the win8 power option, then used the F2 key the *instant* the Toshiba logo appeared. That was most reliable for me.


If you don't want to pounce on F2 during the 1-second window, there is the shift-restart option as previously mentioned:


Charms Bar>Settings>Power>shift-Restart>Troubleshoot Tile>Advanced Options Tile>UEFI Firmware Settings Tile


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Re: P75-A7200 BIOS access

Are you able to run your expanded ram on the new bios updates. I was only able to run it under the original and once I update, I cannot get my laptop to start up with the extended ram.