L355-S7835 Replacing my hard drive step-by-step needed

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L355-S7835 Replacing my hard drive step-by-step needed

We own a Satellite  L355-S7835 and we need to replace the internal hard drive (been verified by more than one source that this is the problem).


I have removed the former hard drive and now need to purchase a new one.  The old one has this information attached to it:  MK3252GSX.  I think it is a SATA 2.5 320 GB 8mb HD.  It also has this info:  HDD2H0.  It was MS Vista. 


I have looked at a variety of sources for replacing this and I'm trying to make sure I make the right decision.  


Here are my questions:


  1. What are the specific "numbers and letters" I need to make sure I consider when I purchase a new one?  (BTW, I have a photo of the label on the old one if that helps).  I've looked at hard drives on various websites with the intent to purchase, but I always see "numbers and letters" that aren't on the label of the hard drive in my computer.  I guess I'm looking for the "easy button!" :-)
  2. I don't have a back-up disk for the OS, so how do I go about getting that?  (no, we didn't make a recovery disk...but will next time)/
  3. The old system was Vista, but I want to upgrade to Windows 7.  I assume that's possible, but I don't know what I need to know to do that.
  4. What else do I probably not know now that everyone else probably knows but I should know to do this?