How to get rid of bloatware

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How to get rid of bloatware


  I just bout a new Satellite L735-10Z for my 12 years daughter. I was shocked to see more than 20 Toshiba packages!

  I really don't know why companies to length and spend millions on developing such annoying software.


I've attached a screen shot of current software packages installed by Toshiba. Could you please advice which one can be removed safely without affecting laptop opertion (i.e. non-driver stuff).


My daughter's main usage for this laptop is....yes Facebook & Twitter with casual Photoshop...


Your advice is highly appreciated....




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Re: How to get rid of bloatware


Satellite L735-10Z (PSK0CE-01J010AR)


Your advice is highly appreciated....

FWIW, Abdul, my advice is to pass the computer along to your 12-year-old daughter without removing any of those Toshiba programs.


1. It's a bother to decide which goes and which stays and to uninstall.

2. Many (maybe most) of them enable desirable features of the laptop.

3. There's little or no advantage to removing them. The computer won't do Facebook any better.

Just my opinion...


PS I do believe I"d remove McAfee Internet Security and replace it with something like Microsoft Security Essentials. You would need to renew McAfee.

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