Error Message F3-F200-0002

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Error Message F3-F200-0002

Hi - i have a toshiba E205-S1904.............and now whenver i turn on the computer it says  <ERROR>  an Error has occured.  ERROR : F3-F200-0002     an error has occured please press [ok] to turn off the computer.    


i can't find my restore discs and it does not give me an option for system restore (when i hit f8 before the computer boots).     i was just going to order some restore discs  but the product key for windows 7 (underneath the laptop)  has worn would i even be able to use the restore discs?


thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Error Message F3-F200-0002

Your notebook comes with a recovery partition that will usually allow you to perform a recovery without discs. Try holding '0' when you power on the notebook and then follow the prompts. More information on this procedure can be found on page 54 of your user's guide.


Also, you won't need your product key to use recovery media. If you have trouble using the recovery partition that I described, you can order recovery discs and use them without a key.

- Peter