Can I just delete these programs?

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Can I just delete these programs?

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Maybe this belongs in Drivers And Utilities, but I am not sure:


My older laptop has a few desktop icons targeted to some files which I believe are just installers to programs I do not use.  The files listed below were already on the machine in the forms shown when I bought it.  I wonder if I can just delete the files both in their target locations and the desktop icon shortcuts, and not have any problems doing so.


I have and want to delete these files, like to "Delete" so they go to Recycle bin and then I may delete them from Recycle bin:



Sign up for AT&T Worldnet Service
"C:\Program Files\AT&T\WnClient\Programs\setup2.exe"


Free! AOL & Internet Trial
"C:\Install AOL 7.0\setup70.exe"


Free! Instant Messenger
"C:\AOL Instant Messenger\AIM.exe"



Just to be more informative, I get AT&T wirelessly and have never used that setup2.exe AT&T Worldnet service; I do not have any AOL or AIM installed; I use only an AOL webmail account - not AOL software.


The machine is: Toshiba Satellite laptop, 1415-S115, Windows XP updated to S.P.3, machine purchased in 2003.


I believe I should just be able to delete those listed files and their desktop shortcuts.  Am I correct?  Free some disk capacity if this is acceptable.

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Re: Can I just delete these programs?

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Satellite 1415-S115


Always remove programs this way if you can. Open Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. Select the item you wish to remove and click Remove. This does a proper uninstall. Otherwise, you may get error messages about files not found.


After doing that, you can clean up any left-overs like shortcuts or folders that were not removed.


If the item in question is not found (under any name) in Add or Remove Programs, then what you propose makes sense. To be safe, do a reboot while the file is still in the Recycle Bin.


In any case, you can never mess up anything by deleting a shortcut.

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