C855-55306 WiFi Help

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C855-55306 WiFi Help



I need some assistance on the Wifi on my Toshiba C88 Satellite laptop.  The laptop has Windows 8 on it and it did work fine for the first month with Wifi.  Then all of a sudden it could not find any wireless networks - eg home router or even my cell phone which is a wifi hotspot.  I went throught all of the diagnostics and still have this issue.  It just can't find 'any' wireless networks.  The Wifi indicator is 'yellow' and I can go between airplane and non-airplane mode.  When I do the diag's it checks the adapter and it shows Ok and the driver is up to speed.  When I do plug in hardware I am working fine on the internet just the Wifi is having issue.  Please help...this is brand new laptop..


Thanks Joel

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Re: C855-55306 WiFi Help

Try taking a look at this article.


Troubleshooting Wi-Fi (Wireless) Problems

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