Broken laptop screen

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Broken laptop screen

Last night my boyfriend broke my laptop screen.  I dont know how.  I think he just grabbed it when it was closed too hard.  I have a 2 year old Satellite L655D-S5067.  The glass on the screen is not cracked, just the image is all messed up (cant see anything).  When I turn it on it doesnt make any strange sounds, just broken screen.  I just did a bit of research and most places say that if your screen breaks its just better to buy a new laptop because it costs so much to get a new one. Any truth to this? 

Also, I live in Costa Rica.  Even if my computer was still under warranty I doubt it would cover costs of repair down here.  Everything computer related costs double here as it would in the USA.  So I worry an expensive repair in the USA will be ridiculously expensive down here.  Im going up to the USA in January and could potentially buy a new computer and pick it up when I go up there, but that would mean 3 full months of sharing my boyfriends crappy laptop.

Someone tell me my poor computer can be saved!!!

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Re: Broken laptop screen

You may want to try connecting it to an external monitor. It might not function as a laptop anymore, but that might allow you to continue using the computer.

- Peter